Are you confused about how to advertise, which product to advertise and how much money you should spend to get sales?

We help you promote the products you sell on Amazon with keyword targeted ads. You pay only when your ad is clicked.

Sponsored Products Ads :

  • Promotion of products with keyword targeted advertising.
  • Automated targeting options are also available if the seller doesn’t want to select keywords.
  • Sponsored products appear along with the organically searched products.
  • Improved you product visibility with the opportunity to get listings on page 1 of Amazon search results.
  • Auction-based pricing model.
  • Pay only when your ads were clicked. No charges for the impression.

Headline Search Ads :

  • Headline Search Ads (HSA) is a banner based advertising product that you can use to promote your brand to customers on Amazon. HSA appears above the search results on desktop and mobile platforms. The ad includes a headline, logo and three product images. Customers who click on your HSA will either go to a page featuring your branded products, or they will go to particular product detail page.
  • Headline Search Ads (HSA) can help you reach your business goals, such as :
    • Growing sales for a collection of products.
    • Growing the size of your brand's audience by increasing awareness across categories.
    • Educating customers on product offerings by driving traffic to an Amazon landing page.
    • Building brand engagement and loyalty.