SuperDesk | The power house for online sales. “Online” Word itself is an atomic power and we are the right person to handle this power.SuperDesk is your exclusive sales channel partner for ecommerce platforms all over the world.

Established in 2014, Superdesk is expanding the horizons of online sales for the manufacturers and resellers. Having tactical knowledge of ecommerce platforms places us the step ahead in online sales. The team is strategically equipped for hitting the right node at the right time with the right products. The innovative approach towards the revenue boosting is our forte.

Completing over 100 projects, SuperDesk is registering themselves as the swiftly growing ecommerce consultant. Our team is working with the motto to change the approach of online sales by providing the one-stop and hassle-free selling experience on ecommerce sales channels over the world.

We are bridging the “untouched opportunities” and “Rising marketers”. We have bold and aggressive approach for the “Fearless” marketers. Working us will be the experience for sure…!!!

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