Account Health Management :

  • Health Parameter on Amazon is an important factor to survive. Most of the time Amazon’s sellers do not maintain these parameters and lost their selling privilege.
  • Order defect rate should be less than 1%
  • Late dispatch rate should be less than 4%
  • Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate should be less than 2.5%
  • Contact response time should be less than 10%
  • Return dissatisfaction rate should be less than 10%
  • Take care about Policy Violation: Intellectual Property Complaints, Product Authenticity Customer Complaints, Listing policy violations.


  • Lightning Deals :
    • A Lightning Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where a product is featured for several hours on the Amazon Deals page.
    • All proposed Lightning Deals require Amazon approval to run on the Amazon Deals page.
  • Coupons :
    • Coupons are the digital version of vouchers, similar to those we get in brand stores or supermarkets.
    • These can be used to avail money off or percentage off on eligible single or multiple products.
    • Coupons appear throughout pages including offer tags on search results, Amazon deals page, product detail pages, and there is even a separate page just for coupons.
    • The customer can simply click on ‘Collect Coupon’ and the offers are instantly applied during checkout.
    • Benefits of creating coupons :
      • Increase the visibility of your products : Offering discounts attract customers to your online store, thereby increasing the visibility of your products. Make sure that you advertise your offer clearly and while writing the description. You should also emphasise on discounts and once the offer is set, you can expect to see increased traffic.
      • Increases your chances of making a sale on Amazon : Coupons increase the chances of attracting more customers towards your products, which in turn helps in improving your sales. Any kind of a promotional offer or a coupon automatically draws customers’ attention. Every customer eagerly looks for some offers while shopping. As a seller on Amazon, you can also set create coupons for your buyers and increase the chances of getting more sales.

Re-Pricing :

  • We will ensure seller top selling ASINs are active in the automated pricing rule.
  • Everyday check on competitor price and changing our pricing as per demand of competition in marketplace.
  • Everyday check on our live listings and eligibility check to remain in “Buy Box”.
  • Our Quick Insights like, monitor your top 10 competitors for the buy box. See where they are beating you and quickly take action. Analyze the success of each SKU and set rules to compete against other merchants.
  • We make smart decisions by measuring key trends that drive your sales. Track the price performance of fast-selling SKUs and adjust your strategy based on data.